Five Reasons to Deliver Your Baby at Women and Infants Hospital

Written By: Women and Infants on December 15, 2022

1. High Quality, Informative, Educational Care

Our world-renowned Health Care Providers at Women & Infants Hospital are trained to comfort and support expecting parents even if complications arise. We have a diligent administrative staff and clinicians who provide quality patient care.

“I felt like the nurses doubled as our therapists as well, because it was truly an emotional time,” says Samantha Atella, “And they, thankfully, had experience counseling new mothers like me, whose child was born prematurely. They would spend so much time making me feel better, offering words of hope and comfort. They also explained everything to me in detail many times, which helped immensely.”

At Women & Infants Hospital, it is our goal to ensure you are informed, valued, and liberated before making serious medical decisions relating to you or your child. Each aspect of a family and an individual receiving care is carefully considered to ensure you feel confident going forward in your journey to expand your family.

2. Continued Support After Delivery

At Women & Infants Hospital, we realize taking the next step to expand your family can be challenging, complicated, and frightening at times. That is why we provide the highest quality care during your stay and provide you with continued support once you are home with the newest addition to your family.

The “Warm Line” is one way we support you through your new parenthood journey from breastfeeding tips and tricks to postpartum issues that may arise. This toll-free telephone support system is staffed by professional nurses who are on-call to ensure the questions you have about your baby never go unanswered.

“I know that I can always call the Warm Line and get real help if I have questions,” says Warm Line user Emily Bonvecchio.

Through the Neonatal Follow-Up Program, our skilled researchers study congenital hearing loss in the first three months and exposure of language association to preterm infants. Through this research, we are able to understand any developmental outcomes, and existing social and environmental risk factors such as language and insurance status, which may increase the risk of rehospitalization for preterm infants. The goal of the Neonatal Follow-Up Program is to continue researching the most positive health outcomes for your family.

Postpartum depression is the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth, affecting up to 15% of delivering parents within the first three months after birth. In the 21st Century, we recognize the role mental health plays in physical wellness, especially for new parents. Here at Women & Infants, we hold support groups where parents dealing with similar issues can come together to find a sense of community and support.

Maternal mental health has been recognized as a critical component of perinatal care and maternal safety. The goal of the ROSE program (Reach Out, Stay Strong, Essentials) is to prevent perinatal depression. Topics covered in these prenatal sessions include managing the transition to parenthood, relationships, self-care, assertiveness, goal setting, and more. Downloadable ROSE resources and pre-recorded options make it easy for new parents to engage in critical concepts from the comfort of their own homes.

3. Develop Trusting Relationships with Your Provider

Women & Infants Hospital makes it easy for you to be the primary decision-maker regarding the care you receive. We staff our hospital with physicians who serve and protect your best interests. Your care team is eager to assist you in leading the way in your own, unique birthing experience.

As your delivery approaches, your care provider will work with you to create a “Birth Partnership Agreement.” Based on this agreement, your physician will gain a comprehensive understanding of your comfort, cultural/religious preferences, worries, coping mechanisms, and delivery goals. Answering these important questions before you begin your journey into parenthood is essential in promoting communication, increasing trust, and building an understanding relationship with your care team.

4. Emergency Care Resources

While this may be the start of your journey, our staff has done this before. In case of an emergency, the Women & Infants team - comprised of Board Certified and Board Eligible Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners - are experts prepared to provide a unique level of care, unlike one obtained in a traditional emergency setting.

We provide urgent and 24-hour medical or surgical care, such as pregnancy complications, high-risk pregnancies, trauma in pregnancy, abnormal vaginal bleeding, cancer/oncology difficulties, and more. Our hospital allows for a comfortable, specialized setting for you to interact closely with or team of health care providers who have your best interest in mind.

5. Top Rated NICU Monitoring

Women & Infants operates one of the nation’s largest Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Our staff provides around-the-clock care and monitoring for your little one. Our advanced technology and trained specialists provide care to babies born prematurely or in need of medical care.

Our diverse array of health care providers allows you to obtain holistic care in a single setting. The department is staffed with social workers, occupational therapists, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatal-perinatal fellows, attending neonatologists, and pediatricians 24 hours a day.

While having a child who requires a visit to the NICU can feel overwhelming, our single-family room allows families to be actively involved in their baby’s care and ensures parental comfort. We encourage families to take advantage of the unit’s full-time parent advocate and comfortable amenities.


We know having a baby and becoming a parent can be overwhelming and scary. The extraordinary staff at Women & Infants is there for you every step of the way – from prenatal educational classes to top-of-the-line postnatal care for you and your baby – all while developing a caring and trusting relationship with you and your family.

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