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A Randomized Trial of Induction Versus Expectant Management; ARRIVE
Women & Infants
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Maternal Fetal Medicine
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Eligibility Criteria

All women must be pregnant with their first baby. Women must be carrying a single baby and should be at low risk with no current plan of induction or C-section. Women are enrolled at 38 weeks for randomization to delivery at 39 weeks or expectant management.

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In this study we are looking at the effects of induction of labor and outcomes for moms and babies at 39 weeks of pregnancy in comparison to moms who go into spontaneous labor or who have labor induced at a later time in pregnancy. Prior medical research has shown that being induced at 39 weeks improves your baby's outcome. While everyone agrees that unless medically indicated, women should not be delivered prior to 39 weeks, the exact best date for delivery of your infant is unclear. In this randomized trial, half of the women who participate will be randomized to induction at 39 weeks and the other half of the women will be randomized to expectant management (unless medically indicated).


Contact Information

Phone: Network pager 401-452-6614 or Research Hotline 401-274-1122 ext 41533



One case of diapers at randomization, $20 Target gift card at delivery and $20 Target gift card upon completion of follow-up phone call (4-8 weeks post delivery).