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The Gift of Supporting Patients and Families

Written By: Women and Infants on December 16, 2021

Who do you turn to when you’re at a healthcare crossroads? In Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, patients turn to Women & Infants Hospital. Thanks to the support of people like you, we can be there for our patients and their families at pivotal turning points.

Alyssa and Joanna recently told us about their experiences here at Women & Infants. In 2020, Alyssa gave birth to her son Tucker in our Labor & Delivery Unit. Throughout the pandemic, our staff has become an even more vital part of the birthing experience for many people. Tucker made an appearance early, and Alyssa had complications that required a transfusion. The care team was with Alyssa every step of the way.

Alyssa was especially impressed with a resident who had been a part of that team - who came back to the hospital on personal time to check on her. Alyssa shared with us,

“It meant so much to me that this very busy person took time to come and see me and let me know that I wasn’t just another number, that I mattered to them."

This is the kind of difference our caregivers make every day. The kind of difference your support makes each day.


We strive to create a trust-filled, safe environment for every woman who comes to us for help.

Another of our patients, Joanna, talked with us about the hysterectomy she had at Women & Infants Hospital in 2021.

For many years Joanna put off this vital procedure. Like many of us, she’d placed the needs of family and career ahead of her own needs. Joanna told us that the team at Women & Infants Hospital gave her “the health reset she didn’t know she needed” and

“It was like being cared for by my kind and knowledgeable GIRLFRIENDS, the people in my everyday life who push me to do the right things for myself.”

Community support is at the heart of this kind of care – at the heart of our caregivers becoming essential partners to our patients at key turning points. Women-and-infants-donate-joanna

We can’t do that without people like you on our side.

Whether it’s a patient coming to us to navigate a complicated pregnancy or birth, or to receive cutting-edge cancer care, or to have a life-saving gynecological procedure, or to have a routine mammogram or colonoscopy – we are always here.


As the region’s premier hospital for women & newborns, our patients, and their families count on us at every stage of life, at every healthcare need. 

We hope you’ll remember our staff, our patients, and their families this holiday season as you make your charitable contributions – and that you’ll take a moment today – to provide a gift of support to Women & Infants Hospital.

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