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Hidden Scar Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Women & Infants breast surgeons are now certified in Hidden Scar Breast Surgery, an advanced technique that allows them to remove the cancer while preserving the physical appearance of the breast and hiding surgical scars.

Can anyone get Hidden Scar surgery?

Hidden Scar surgery is available for women needing a mastectomy or lumpectomy, but your surgeon does need to approve the procedure based on the size and location of your tumor, and the shape and size of your breasts. Generally, all women can consider Hidden Scar.

Where is the incision made for Hidden Scar surgery?

Based on the location of your tumor, your surgeon will determine whether to make the incision in your armpit, in the inframammary fold (the natural crease beneath your breast) or in the areola.

You can schedule an appointment to speak with one of our certified Hidden Scar surgeons by calling The Breast Health Center at (401) 453-7540.

Hidden Scar Surgery Information

I have not been diagnosed with breast cancer, but am having prophylactic mastectomy because I have tested positive for the BRCA gene. Can I have Hidden Scar surgery?


I live quite a drive from Women & Infants. Can I come to you for my surgery but still have my other treatments closer to home?


Can any surgeon do Hidden Scar breast surgery?

No, breast surgeons receive advanced training from the manufacturer of the technology to use it in the operating room. After training and being supervised during surgery, they earn certification in Hidden Scar surgery.

Is Hidden Scar surgery available at all breast cancer facilities?

No. Women & Infants is one of only two facilities in New England to offer surgeons certified in Hidden Scar surgery.

Is there an additional cost for this type of surgery?


Is there a greater risk that my cancer will come back if I get Hidden Scar surgery?

No, there is no evidence that this type of surgery increases your chances of recurrence.

Is there a long wait to see a surgeon certified in Hidden Scar surgery?

No, our surgeons can generally see a new patient within two to five days.

Why was it important for the Breast Health Center to offer this surgical option?

We understand that a woman’s breasts are very much a part of her identity and many women experience depression and the loss of self-confidence after breast cancer surgery. We are committed to helping the whole woman and believe that Hidden Scar surgery is an important way to remove the cancer while preserving the look of the breast.

Can this procedure be done on a man?

Yes in some cases. It is more difficult in a man because they do not have an inframammary fold and they have smaller areolas.