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Child Hearing Health Guidelines

Parents can check their baby’s hearing. Begin by being certain that the baby is happy and in a quiet room. The following signs indicate healthy hearing.

Age birth to three months

Does the baby:

  • Startle or jump when there is a sudden loud sound?
  • Stir or wake up and cry when someone talks or makes noise?
  • Recognize and be quieted and sometimes pacified by the sound of your voice? 

Age three to six months

Does the baby: 

  • Turn his or her eyes to look for an interesting sound?
  • Respond to your voice?
  • Turn his or her eyes toward you when calling the baby’s name? 

Age six to 12 months

Does the baby:

  • Turn toward interesting sounds and toward the parent when his or her name is called from behind?
  • Understand no, bye-bye and similar common words?
  • Search or look around when hearing new sounds? 

If the baby cannot do these things, check with the baby’s doctor.