Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care at Women & Infants

The spiritual care staff of Women & Infants Hospital offers a listening and compassionate presence for patients and their families at any point during their hospital stay. Trained, multi-faith chaplains are available to offer spiritual support to people in times of illness and uncertainty.

Spiritual support services include one-on-one visits with patients and their families; baptisms, blessings, and prayers; bibles and other inspirational literature; daily communion/Eucharist and sacrament of the sick are available upon request.

Places of Prayer and Meditation

Interfaith Chapel

Our interfaith chapel is located in the hospital's main building and is open 24 hours a day. It was created as a quiet and peaceful place for patients, families, friends and staff. There are a wide variety of religious and spiritual resources for all faiths available in the chapel.

Healing Garden

Our Healing Garden, open 24 hours a day, is on the fourth floor of the hospital for patients and family members when you want a place of quiet and calm.

Interfaith Gatherings

Interfaith gatherings for spiritual reflection and support are held in the chapel on the first Monday of every month (excluding holidays), 12-12:20 p.m. All are welcome.

Trained to act within a professional code of ethics, our chaplains will:

  • Speak and act in ways that honor the dignity and value of every individual.
  • Provide care that is intended to promote the best interest of the patient/family and to foster strength, integrity and healing.
  • Demonstrate respect for the cultural and religious values of those they serve and refrain from imposing their own values and beliefs.
  • Understand the limits of their individual expertise and make referrals to other professionals when appropriate.

We know that part of the healing process involves meeting your spiritual and emotional needs. Our pastoral care staff offers spiritual support and resources.

  • An interfaith chapel is available at all times to ambulatory patients, family members, and staff.
  • Chaplains and chaplain interns are here Monday through Friday and visit patients and families to offer support and share in spiritual reflection. You can reach them at ext. 1659 or through the Social Work department, ext. 1360. In addition, Roman Catholic chaplains from Rhode Island Hospital are available to patients in an emergency. The hospital operator, chaplain or your nurse can page one for you.
  • Clergy of all faiths are welcome to visit. Let the chaplain or your nurse know if you would like us to contact your clergy or spiritual leader.
  • Communion is available. Ask the chaplain, your nurse, or the unit secretary to put your name on the list for communion that day.
  • Electric Sabbath candles are available by asking your nurse or the chaplain.
  • Blessings are available by asking your nurse or the chaplain. We invite you to contact a chaplain to support you and your family.

Chaplains: Helen Bodell, M.Div.; Priscilla Eskridge; Chontell Washington, M.Div.; and Jose Veliz, M.Div.

Contact A Chaplain

Normal Hours

To contact a chaplain during
the workday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After Hours/Emergency

For emergencies and after hours, call the
switchboard or ask the unit secretary to
page the on-call chaplain.