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Women & Infants Hospital

101 Dudley Street
Providence, RI 02905
P: (401) 274-1122, ext. 41449

The Simulation Program is located on the zero level of the main hospital. Call Kristen McGonagle, simulation project coordinator, at (401) 274-1122, ext.41449 to discuss opportunities.

The Women & Infants Simulation Program is an in-house education facility dedicated to the medical care of women and newborns. Staff from various departments safely learn together to ensure this hospital is practicing the latest medical techniques while perfecting current standards.

Practitioners from all disciplines utilize the center to explore, practice and master scenarios from disaster drills to medical procedures. This ensures a culture dedicated to situational preparedness, empathetic care and patient safety.


Each simulation is debriefed by trained facilitators to allow learners to reflect on their performance and integrate lessons from their peers. By analyzing scenarios through videotaped review and thoughtful discussion, we are able to maximize education and absorption of materials in a very efficient and thorough manner.

Simulated Scenarios

One of our top priorities is catering to the diverse educational needs across Care New England. We own a library of medical simulations and work with each department’s learning objectives to develop customized, immerse, educational sessions. Classes we have helped developed range from medical emergencies, like shoulder dystocia and Ebola quarantine procedures, to delivering bad news and empathy training.

Utilizing Technology to Optimize Learning

The Women & Infants Simulation Program offers a variety of technological assets to augment learning. Our surgical trainers utilize virtual reality and isolated skill practice to strengthen confidence. Our simulator models allow practitioners to hone skills ranging from IV placement, to difficult deliveries, to complicated codes.