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Women & Infants Hospital

101 Dudley Street
Providence, RI 02905
P: (401) 274-1122, ext. 41449

The Simulation Program is located on the zero level of the main hospital. Call Kristen McGonagle, simulation project coordinator, at (401) 274-1122, ext.41449 to discuss opportunities.

Simulation is an invaluable educational tool designed to utilize the learning potential of trial and error, reflection and observation. Learning this way allows for immersion in realistic situations while maintaining complete psychological safety. This has direct benefits to Care New England’s culture of safety by:

  • Improving the dynamics of our patient care teams - building confidence, improving communication, and refining critical thinking skills.
  • Testing new equipment and developing training protocols to improve medical team performance, reduce infections, decrease medical errors and reduce health care costs.
  • Providing opportunities for practice and skill refreshing, as well as training for rare and potentially fatal events.
  • Serving as a laboratory to research and understand potential safety issues associated with new techniques and protocols in the care of women and newborns and to fully explore these risks before local and national implementation.