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Division of Medical Screening and Special Testing
Women & Infants Hospital
70 Elm Street, 2nd Floor
Providence, RI 02903
P: (401) 453-7650
The Division of Medical Screening and Special Testing, part of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, offers specialized laboratory testing in prenatal screening, reproductive endocrinology, and women's health, with the highest quality, rapid turnaround and reasonable cost.

From research to clinical practice, our laboratory has developed both a national and international reputation in these areas of testing. We were involved in the development of, and were the first academic program in the U.S. to offer the Quad test for prenatal screening. We also served as the central laboratory in the FASTER Trial, a large-scale, national intervention trial sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to compare first and second trimester screening methods. We have now implemented a new generation of screening using cell-free DNA in maternal plasma. 

Our laboratory is among the most experienced in the U.S. in the measurement of inhibin A, inhibin B and related proteins, and was the first to report on the use of inhibin types in prenatal screening and testing for ovarian reserve.

Tests offered:

Prenatal screening

Working with our colleagues in the Prenatal Diagnosis Center, we offer the latest prenatal screening tests for Down syndrome and other neural tube defects, including:

We also measure:
  • PAPP-A.
  • AMH/Inhibin A.
  • Amniotic fluid AFP.
  • AChE and HbF.
  • Serum reflex.

For women having difficulty conceiving, working collaboratively with the physicians in Women & Infants' Fertility Center, we provide tests for such measurements as:

  • HcG.
  • LH.
  • FSH.
  • Prolactin.
  • Inhibin B.
  • Estradiol.
  • Progesterone.
  • Testosterone.
  • DHEA sulfate.
  • AMH.
  • SHBG.
Tumor markers

We work closely with providers in Women & Infants' Program in Women's Oncology and Breast Health Center providing tests for tumor markers, including:

  • CA125.
  • CA15-3.
  • CEA.
  • hCG.
  • AFP.
  • Inhibin B.
  • HE4.