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AMH Test

About The Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test

What is ovarian reserve? 

Ovarian reserve is an estimate of the supply of primary follicles remaining in the ovary. Ovarian reserve diminishes with a woman's age, making it more difficult to get pregnant.

Why is it helpful to test for ovarian reserve? 

Assisted reproductive technologies involve an emotional and financial investment. It is helpful for patients deciding whether to participate in assisted reproductive technologies to better estimate their probability of success. Tests for ovarian reserve provide some information regarding how likely it is that a woman's ovaries will produce multiple follicles after hormone stimulation, which in turn is associated with the likelihood of having a baby.

Why is AMH measurement a good test of ovarian reserve? 

AMH is a normal product of developing ovarian follicles. The amount of AMH measured in serum during the start of a new menstrual cycle is directly related to the number and health of small growing follicles.

What does the AMH test result tell me about my chances of getting pregnant? 

AMH levels are low in women with diminished ovarian reserve. If your AMH level is below or at the low end of the normal menstrual cycle range, you have a lower chance of responding well to ovarian stimulation in assisted reproductive technology protocols than someone with a higher AMH level. A poor response means that your ovary will produce relatively few oocytes (eggs) after hormone stimulation and therefore you will have fewer embryos after fertilization and a lower chance of getting pregnant. 

Is the AMH result helpful even if I have a follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) test? 

Yes. Serum FSH is an indirect measure of ovarian reserve. Several publications have shown that a combination of FSH and AMH measurement can better predict ovarian response and pregnancy outcome than FSH alone. 

How do I get an AMH test for ovarian reserve? 

See your physician to have your blood drawn and send the blood sample to a laboratory offering the AMH test. 

How long will it be until my AMH result is ready?

Your AMH result will be sent to your physician within two to four business days. 

Will my health insurance pay for my test? 

Since the AMH test is relatively new, it is not frequently covered by health insurance; however, it is best to speak directly to your physician or health insurance company