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Tumor Board

Multidisciplinary Tumor Board

One of the key elements of The Program in Women's Oncology is its multidisciplinary tumor board, which draws together specialists from surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology and pathology each week to prospectively evaluate each oncology case presented to them. The collective wisdom of the Tumor Board becomes the source of all major clinical recommendations made to patients in the Program.

The Tumor Board process is designed to elicit all the best possible ideas relevant to the patient's case for thorough consideration before treatment recommendations are made. Tumor board members are expected to challenge their colleagues' clinical thinking because we believe the best ideas emerge through intellectual exchange.  

Oncologists, referring physicians and the patients themselves can ask that their case be discussed at Tumor Board.  

Where should those recommendations be carried out? 

Not all patients whose cases are heard at our Tumor Board sessions live close to Women & Infants. In fact, many come from Cape Cod and eastern Connecticut. The question then arises about where their care should be given once a Tumor Board recommendation is made.  

We believe that keeping patients local is best when the care being offered to them is equal. When care can be managed in a community setting, oncology patients can be treated closer to their home. Highly advanced or complex patients are more appropriately treated at a tertiary care facility like Women & Infants. However, the patient makes the final decision.