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Since your stay will be more pleasant if you don’t have to worry about valuables, we suggest that large sums of money or expensive personal items, such as jewelry, be left home or sent home. If you do happen to have an item of value with you and you wish to secure it, Women & Infants will allow you to place it in a sealed envelope and lock it in the safe. Although the hospital cannot assume responsibility for personal property that is not secured in the safe, please report any lost items to our Security Department. For more information about our policy regarding storage of valuables, please call the Security Department at (401) 274-1122, ext. 41635.


The hospital’s smoking policy conforms to Rhode Island state law and Women & Infants Hospital is completely smoke-free. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas outside the hospital.

Fire Drills

Women & Infants takes every precaution to assure patient safety through a comprehensive accident prevention and fire safety program. Periodic fire drills are conducted. Should a fire drill occur while you are a patient, please follow any instructions given by your nurse or other staff members.

Latex Policy

Because many people are allergic to latex, please do not bring latex balloons into Women & Infants Hospital. Please read our latex information for details and safe alternatives to latex balloons.