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Case Management

Women & Infants RN Case Managers

Women & Infants RN Case Managers confer with your doctors, nurses other professionals on your care team, and with your health insurance Case Manager about your hospital stay.  When medical services are needed for your transition from the hospital, an RN Case Manager collaborates with you, your care team and your provider about your discharge plan. The RN Case Manager will help make arrangements for any necessary post- discharge services, such as home care, medical equipment, or skilled nursing facility care. 

Patients are assessed for discharge planning needs when they are admitted to the hospital. If you anticipate that you will need services when you are discharged from the hospital, please alert your provider or nurse as soon as possible. One of our Certified Case Managers will discuss your discharge plan with you. 
An RN Case Manager will work with the care team to determine what services are medically necessary, help you understand what post-discharge services would be covered by your health insurance, and what you may pay for privately. They'll help you develop the best possible plan and take into consideration your individual care needs and situation. 

If you are coming in to the hospital for an elective procedure and anticipate that you will need homecare, skilled nursing facility care or equipment, some preliminary arrangements can often be made prior to your surgery date. Please call the Case Management Main Office. 

To reach the Unit Case Manager, call the main hospital number 401-274-1122 and ask for the appropriate extension:

  • ONC 4 East Case Managers Extensions 42449 or 41143
  • ACU 4 South Case Manager Extension 43432
  • ED/Postpartum 5 East, 6 West, 6 East Case Manager Extension 41517
  • NICU Case Managers Extensions 43371, 43384, 43385, 43386, 43387