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Women & Infants' Bioethics Committee is a resource developed by the hospital to help patients, families and staff deal with difficult medical decisions. It is comprised of a group of hospital staff and members of the community who meet to discuss ethical issues in an open, thoughtful caring way.

Helping Make Important Health Care Decisions

The goal of the committee is to help our patients, caregivers and families make important decisions by listening to your problems and assisting you in gathering information about the situation that you are experiencing. Our primary focus is on moral, legal, cultural, spiritual and personal issues that are of concern to you.

Issues addressed may pertain to stopping treatment, caring for patients who do not have the capacity to participate in making end-of-life care decisions, reproductive choices and interpreting living wills.

Advances in technology have given us so many new choices that sometimes the decisions we face are very complex and difficult to make. In addition, the people involved in our care may not always agree about what steps to take. That's when the Bioethics Committee can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

The Bioethics Committee is made up of professionals from various fields including doctors, nurses, chaplains, an ethicist, patient/family members, lawyers, community representatives, social workers, and senior administration. Committee members have experience in helping patients, their families and medical staff with difficult questions that may arise during a patient's treatment. Utilizing the services of the Bioethics Committee is completely free of charge.

When and How to Contact Us

You may benefit from the help of the Bioethics Committee if after working with your doctor or other caregivers to sort out the ethical concerns you still are unsure if you are making the "right" decision. The committee has dealt with many issues over the years including limitations of care for newborns and adults, gender selection, and gestational carrier treatment. We are available to help you, your family, your health care providers or anyone else you would like involved in the decisions regarding your care.

Patients or families who wish to consult the Bioethics Committee on specific issues may make a request through their physician, nurse, or social worker. During normal business hours, please call (401) 274-1122, ext. 48660. Nights and weekends, please contact the risk manager on call at (401) 274-1100. For non-urgent questions, please email us at