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Schwartz Center Rounds

Compassionate Healthcare

Women & Infants Hospital, with partnership funding from the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, offers bimonthly Schwartz Center Rounds to its caregivers.

The goal is to demonstrate and strengthen the human, emotional side of care-giving in a multidisciplinary setting. At each session, a panel of caregivers presents a recent patient case that illustrates interesting and important psychosocial issues.

Topics can include:
  • Working with patients or families whose religious beliefs conflict with medical advice
  • Losing a patient
  • Delivering bad news

The hospital staff is then invited to share thoughts and feelings related to the topic. These are very different from grand rounds and are not about clinical problem-solving, but more about facing and processing the emotions that arise each day for hospital staff.

The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, a Boston-based nonprofit, offers its Schwartz Center Rounds at designated sites across the country.

A comprehensive study of Schwartz Center Rounds determines that they help caregivers:
  • Better connect with their patients emotionally
  • Enhance their understanding of the effects illness has on patients and their families
  • Improve communication among caregivers
  • Decrease feelings of caregiver isolation and stress

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