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Women & Infants Hospital Cancer Care

Standing Strong Against Cancer, and Winning

It was the long history of breast and ovarian cancer in Deb Improta’s family – her mother, aunts, cousins and sister all died from the diseases – that prompted her to get genetic testing.

Women's Cancer Services - Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island

Women's Cancer Care

Biologically, cancer may be the same in men and women, but we know that women have different needs when facing a diagnosis.

Helping Women with Breast, Colorectal and Gynecologic Cancers

We know that when your doctor says the word “cancer,” time seems to stop. Maybe you catch your breath, your fingers digging into the chair arms. Maybe the tears start to flow. Maybe you feel paralyzed by fear. That one word can bring you to your knees, but we are here to bring you back up again.

Whether you have gynecologic, breast or colorectal cancer, our approach at Women & Infants Hospital is simple – we believe that cancer is not the only part of you that needs care. We understand that you are dynamic and we have established a full array of services to help you and your family continue to live your lives while you undergo treatment. 

This includes integrative therapies that help ease the discomfort, nutritionists to make sure you’re taking in enough of the right kinds of foods to keep you strong, navigators to help guide you through the maze of appointments, a friendly dog to pet while you get chemo, and support groups to share your thoughts with other women who understand. 

From the minute you hear the word “cancer,” we are here to help you in this part of your life.

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