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The new look is here.

Women & Infants Hospital is stepping forward with a bold new identity as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand and we are so excited to share it with you.

Our organization has grown immensely over the past several decades and we felt it was time for our identity to reflect that. Through careful consideration and extensive research into who we truly represent, our new look is meant to reflect a deeper connection with all patients we serve across all generations. Our new logo and stylistic elements, from font choice to colors, are meant to evoke strong feelings of empowerment, growth, and connectivity.

Our new identity shifts the perception from a place for only infants and the women birthing them, to focus on every aspect of comprehensive care, ensuring that all are seen, heard, and represented.  We are the story of every person that walks into our hospital and invite you to celebrate with us in ushering in a new era, focused on comprehensive care for all that we serve.


When we started the process of rebranding, we considered what our hospital stands for and wants to represent. By gathering inspirational images, listening to podcasts, conducting numerous focus groups, and researching women’s health equity, we knew we had to lean further into what it means to be a leading women's care facility. We want to provide our patients with not only the care they need but the care they deserve.

Hi, I'm New Here.

The new Women & Infants icon depicts a silhouette of the strength and power of a woman. The silhouette is specific enough to determine a reflection of gender identity, but not specific enough to denote race or age. In using this icon, we are purposely representing ALL women whom we believe should be the focal point of a leading women's hospital and furthering our commitment to inclusivity. 

Our Tagline

Your story starts here.


Our brand is so many things:
It is the strength of a woman fighting breast cancer.
It is the healing that takes place after losing a baby.
It is the peace of mind and wellness that comes from getting your mammogram.
And it is the pure joy and happiness of starting a family.

It is your story.

A Message From Our President

Brand Pillars


Empowering Women
Women & Infants is shifting our identity in the community to one that is known for raising women up. We want to bring more of the women we serve to the forefront of our brand and show that our hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare to all ages.


Wide Range of Services
Best known for providing lead care for newborns and the persons who birth them, we want to expand our reach in the communities we serve to ensure we have both spaces and services where all feel comfortable, seen, and represented in their healthcare needs.


Safe Space for Mental Health
With general awareness of mental health becoming more prevalent in our society, we want to make sure we are on the front line of helping women in this space. We aim to get rid of the stigma associated with mental health and make this an aspect of everyday wellness.

Mission Statement

At Women & Infants Hospital, we strive to empower women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and beliefs, through exceptional healthcare throughout every stage of life.

We pride ourselves in providing nationally leading services in women’s wellness, mental health, and starting a family.

A Personal Touch

We have been working hard to create a brand that embodies women's empowerment and health equity. To get a glimpse into what that means to us, take a look at our mini booklet!