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Memorial Hospital RI Cancer Center

Finding a Positive Attitude, Confidence After Breast Surgery

Surgical removal of a portion or all of a woman’s breasts even to remove a life-threatening cancer, can take a tremendous emotional toll on her.

Memorial Hospital RI Cancer Center

Feelings That Come With Cancer

Feelings, like anxiety and depression, may get the best of you sometimes whne fighting cancer, but there is help and ways to lift your spirits.

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When you are sick, you want to be treated close to home, close to your family and friends. That is especially true when you face one of the more challenging times in your life with a cancer diagnosis.

With The Cancer Center of Memorial Hospital, you do not need to leave the area. We bring quality cancer treatment close to you, in an accessible and comfortable environment. Here, you can:

  • Meet with your doctors
  • Receive necessary chemotherapy or immunotherapy drugs as well as other types of infusion therapies
  • Have your lab work and all types of radiology scans done
  • Browse our library for more information on your cancer
  • Meet with a support group and receive assistance from our social workers, nutrition specialists and oncology nurses
  • Stay stronger through your treatment and recover from illness faster through our cancer rehabilitation program
  • Participate in clinical trials to benefit from cutting-edge scientific advances

Our Cancer Center has also achieved the prestigious Quality Oncology Practice (QOPI®) certification from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, awarded to only 200 cancer programs in the USA. This certificate recognizes oncology practices that are committed to delivering the highest quality of cancer care.

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The Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital is a full-service center for patients with many different types of cancer. We’ve brought all the services under one roof for your convenience, so you can come to one place for doctor’s appointments, treatment and lab work.

We’ve thought of everything you need, sometimes even before you realize you need it. This includes:


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