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Center for Women's Primary Care - Patient Information

The Center for Women's Health is a primary care practice based at Women & Infants Hospital. We provide outpatient care for women throughout the community.

Center for Primary Care

If you require emergency room evaluation for a medical condition (e.g. chest pain, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing), please go to the emergency room closest to you. Should you require admission, our physicians participate in a hospitalist system at several hospitals in our area. Your physician will be notified with the details of your admission and discharge by the hospitalist team. Please be sure to inform the emergency room staff of your physician's name so that the hospitalist team is contacted. The emergency room will also contact your physician.

Hospitalists are physicians who spend all of their professional time caring for patients in the hospital. They are available throughout the day and night, and therefore are able to coordinate your care around the clock. Your physician will be available to communicate with your hospitalist should the need arise.

Please note that the Emergency Room at Women & Infants Hospital is for obstetrical and gynecological conditions only. If you are admitted to the hospital, you will be under the care of your obstetrician/gynecologist. If you have a medical condition which requires attention, the medical consult team will evaluate you. We are in close communication with this team and will provide them with your pertinent medical information.

Questions Regarding My Hospitalization

Q. To which hospital should I go?

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. Our providers are associated with Kent Hospital and the Memorial Hospital. If your condition is extremely urgent, however, you may need to go to a hospital nearer to you.

Q. How do I know if I need to go to the hospital or if my condition is urgent?

If you are not sure how serious your symptoms are, please call the Center for Women's Health and speak to your physician or the physician-on-call and ask for advice.

Q. How does my physician know I am in the hospital?

The emergency room staff will contact us if you need to be hospitalized. Often they will call during your evaluation if they have questions about your medical history, medications, or living will arrangements. After admission, the hospitalist physician or physician-on-call will contact us with details of your diagnosis and condition.

Q. What is a hospitalist?

Patients who are admitted to the hospital may be extremely ill and require attention throughout the day. Hospitalists are internal medicine physicians who spend all of their professional time caring for patients in the hospital. They have at least one member of their team in the hospital at all times. They have expertise in inpatient medicine and a distinct commitment to hospital quality of care. We participate in the hospitalist systems at Rhode Island Hospital or the Miriam Hospital.

Q. What if I am admitted to another hospital?

If you are at another hospital, you will be admitted by the physician-on-call. Please let them know your physician's name so that we can be notified of your admission. We can then communicate any information that is needed to help with your care.

Q. What information should I bring with me to hospital?

  • Your physician's name
  • Medical history list (medical problems, past surgeries, etc)
  • List of or actual medications
  • Living Will/ Health Care proxy/Durable Power of Attorney
  • Allergy list
  • Insurance information

Q. Does my primary care doctor visit me in the hospital?

Your physician does not round on patients in the hospital. However, he/she is notified of your admission and kept informed of changes that will affect your outpatient care.

Q. What should I do for follow-up upon leaving the hospital?

At discharge, the hospitalist team at Rhode Island Hospital and the Miriam Hospital sends us a brief summary of your hospital stay along with copies of relevant lab work and test reports. Later, a detailed dictated summary is sent. If you are admitted to another hospital, please ask that a copy of your discharge summary be sent to our office. Please call our office within two weeks for an appointment to follow up on your hospital stay. At that appointment, we can review any medication changes, schedule further testing, and assess need for services at home.

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