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Cornelius O. “Skip” Granai III, MD, is the director of the Program in Women's Oncology at Women & Infants. Dr. Granai answers your questions about the important issues surrounding gynecologic cancer.
» Web-Exclusive Q&A-Gynecologic Cancer

Dr. Robert Legare, director of the in the Women & Infants' Program in Women's Oncology, answered some basic questions about breast cancer.
» Web-Exclusive Q&A-Breast Cancer

This web-exclusive Q&A addresses the importance of Pap smears, the newly approved HPV vaccine and general questions regarding cervical health.
» Web-Exclusive Q&A-Cervical Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancer diagnoses in the United States. Clinicians from the Women & Infants' Center for Women's Gastrointestinal Disorders share important information about colorectal cancer awareness.
» Web-Exclusive Q&A-Colorectal Cancer

One of the newest tools in the fight against breast and ovarian cancers is genetic testing. Jennifer Scalia Wilbur, MS, clinical program manager and cancer genetic counselor with the Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program in the Women & Infants’ Program in Women’s Oncology, discusses hereditary cancers and the BRCA Analysis test.
» Web-Exclusive Q&A-Hereditary Cancers

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