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Woman And Infants
Women & Infants
Women & Infants Program in Women's Oncology
Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program

The Cancer Assessment and Prevention Program, part of the Program in Women's Oncology, addresses concerns a woman has regarding her risk of developing cancer, drawing on the latest advances in the understanding of the genetic and environmental aspects of cancer. Cancer genetics is a rapidly advancing field that seeks to predict cancer risk factors and prevent the disease with recommendations rather than treating the disease.

The appointment
Patients coming to the Cancer Assessment and Prevention Program are given a two-hour consultation with a cancer genetic counselor and physician that offers a comprehensive analysis of their cancer risk based on medical, familial and lifestyle factors. Each person receives information and recommendations for a personal approach to cancer prevention, which may include recommendations for diagnostic screenings, lifestyle modifications, cancer genetic testing, and chemo-preventive strategies.

The team includes:

  • Robert D. Legare, MD, Medical director  
  • Jennifer Scalia Wilbur, MS, Clinical program manager  
  • Jessica Laprise, MS, Cancer genetic counselor

Comprehensive cancer risk assessment and prevention counseling is available at locations throughout Rhode Island: 

  • Women & Infants, Providence
        Appointments Monday through Friday
  • Kent Hospital, Warwick
        Appointments the first and third Friday afternoons of each month
  • Westerly Hospital, Westerly
        Appointments are held the second Wednesday of each month
Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants
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