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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Thoughtful and Caring Donors

"Our own family -- and what we call the larger 'Rhode Island family' -- have had close ties for generations. To give back just a little of our good fortune to be able to live and work in this wonderful community seems only natural and the right thing to do." -- Michael and Pat Caparco

To Michael and Pat Caparco, family ties mean a great deal. Beyond the joys that family brings to their home life, their business also benefits from the dedication and spirit of family members who play important and supportive roles every day.

Michael and Pat are wonderful examples of thoughtful and caring donors. With a substantial gift this year to the ONWARD campaign, their generosity continues to add significantly to the advancement of Women & Infants' mission, and will be felt for years to come by patients and families who look to us for their special healthcare needs.

Michael and Pat began their business in the early 1990s, and in two short decades CAPCO Steel has become an industry leader in Rhode Island and nationally. With over 700 employees and a record of accomplishments that contributes greatly to the economy of the region, the Caparcos and their company contribute in so many ways to helping make our world a better place.

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Corporate gifts mean a great deal to Women & Infants. It is the spirit behind them that cements our partnership as we work together in contributing to the well being of growing numbers of patients and families who have come to expect – and who deserve – the best health care available from Women & Infants.

Michael and Pat Caparco

Michael and Pat Caparco in their office at CAPCO Steel

A visit to CAPCO Steel

Karen Davie, Vice President of Philanthropy, Louise Dinsmore, Director of Major and Planned Giving, and Michael and Pat Caparco confer with a bidding specialist at Capco.


A piece of steel to be used in the building expansion project

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