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Center for Surgical Weight Loss Announces New Women & Infants Site for Info Sessions
The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Care New England is pleased to announce that it will now offer free public information sessions at Women & Infants Hospital. The Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Care New England is aimed at helping patients who suffer from obesity and other weight-related diseases obtain optimal weight and a healthier lifestyle. Surgical weight loss procedures include the lap band, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. Read More

New Technology Makes Robotic Surgery Even Less Invasive
In keeping with its goal of being the most comprehensive resource for women seeking minimally invasive surgery in the region, Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island recently added technology that will enable some surgeries to be even less invasive.

In addition, the hospital purchased a special console to expand its ability to teach the next generation of surgeons, technology to help surgeons identify key vessels during an operation, and simulation equipment for teaching and training. Read More

DaVinciFirst Single Site Gynecologic Surgery in Region Proves a Success
Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island this week became the first hospital in the region to offer women virtually scarless gynecologic surgery with the use of Single-Site
instrumentation with its daVinci® surgical robot.

The technique used in the surgery, which involves one tiny incision in the woman's navel, was recently approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is more advanced than the traditional four-incision robotic technique used to date. Previous FDA approval had only covered single-site gall bladder surgery. Read More

Surgeon Brings New Oncoplastic Surgical Approach to Providence
Jennifer Gass, MD, chief of surgery at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island and a breast surgeon with the Breast Health Center in the hospital’s Program in Women’s Oncology, recently completed a one-month sabbatical in Paris with the world-renowned breast surgeon Krishna B. Clough, MD, medical director of the Paris Breast Center.

The sabbatical is key to making the novel surgical technique available to breast cancer patients through Women & Infants, which is the first facility in New England using this new approach to breast and cosmetic preservation. Read More

Hospital Named Center of Excellence in MIS
Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island was recently designated a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) by the Surgical Review Corporation, an affiliate of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL), for its commitment to offering women the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in minimally invasive surgery.

The news came on the heels of the latest expansion of capabilities in the hospital's Robotic Surgery Program for Women with the installation of Firefly Fluorescence Imaging, which uses an injection of special dye and a camera filter to enable gynecologic oncology surgeons to remove just the sentinel lymph node to test for endometrial or cervical cancer. Read More


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