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Formal Study Name
A Randomized Trial to Prevent Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Women & Infants
Research Type
Primary Principal Investigator
Additional Principal Investigator
Area of Study
Eligibility Criteria
  • Screen positive for CMV.
  • Enrolled at less than 24 weeks.
  • No evidence of CMV already present on fetal scan.
Recruitment Status

Recruitment End Date
Study Start Date
Study End Date

This is a randomized double blinded placebo control trial in which women who have tested positive for CMV in the early pregnancy may receive monthly infusions of either placebo or Cytogam (antibodies to CMV) in hopes that it will either stop or decrease the incidence of transmission to the fetus and its sequelae.

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Contact Information
Donna Allard, MFMU research manager, at (401) 274-1122, ext. 48522.

Patients receive $100 at each monthly study infusion and at the one and two year infant follow- ups.

More Information/FAQ

CMV is common virus spread like a cold or flu. If a woman is infected for the first time while pregnant, there is a 40 percent chance the fetus will also be infected. These fetuses are more likely to be born earlier, have low birth weight, or smaller heads. Some of these babies will develop problems such as hearing loss and learning disabilities. There is currently no approved treatment for CMV.