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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants
Neonatal Transport Service Neonatal Transport Service

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The Neonatal Transport Service provides inter-facility ground transportation of newborns 24 hours a day, seven days per week within the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut region.  The majority of neonatal transports involve infants born at community hospitals who require treatment in a Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  Women & Infants Hospital provides the highest levels of care for newborns, including: Pediatric Surgery and other sub-specialty support; ECMO (at Hasbro Children’s Hospital PICU); hypothermia; and state-of-the-art neonatal care in our 80-bed, single family room NICU.  The goals of the transport service include are to provide efficient, timely responses; essential stabilizing procedures and treatments; and safe, effective ground transport with continuous assessment and monitoring to reduce morbidity and mortality.

The neonatal transport team consists of a highly specialized, skilled team of critical care physicians and/or nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists and EMT who are all proficient in initiating or continuing the care and stabilization of sick newborns.

We foster a team approach and work closely with our medical director and medical control physicians while in the field to ensure the best possible care of our patients during the transport process, using a combination of approved protocols and guidelines as well as telephonic medical control.

What to Expect

Upon the team’s arrival, the infant will be assessed and the transport physician/NNP will discuss the plan of care with you and obtain consent for transport after stabilizing your infant.  Your baby will be placed in a special transport bed and attached to monitors that will allow the constant monitoring of his/her temperature, heart rate and breathing throughout the travel back to Women & Infants Hospital.  You will be able to see your infant prior to their departure.

Once your baby has arrived at Women & Infants and has been settled into a room, a member of the transport team will call you and provide an update.
Our families are at the center of all we do and part of our team approach as we strive to provide sensitive and caring support during this very stressful time.  The single-family room model that the  Women & Infants NICU offers encourages families to be actively involved in their baby’s care by allowing a parent to stay at their infant’s bedside throughout their stay.

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