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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Volunteer FAQs

How old do you need to be to volunteer in the hospital?
You need to be at least 14 years old and have completed freshman year of high school.

Do you have a volunteer program for holding and rocking babies?
We do not have a program for volunteers to come and hold babies. Most of the babies born at Women & Infants are only here for a few days and spend most of their time with their families. We have limited opportunities for volunteers in postpartum units due to the brief time frame of hospitalization for normal deliveries and security issues.

Adult volunteers do not have any direct contact with the babies who are in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Teen volunteers have no contact with babies in our nurseries.

Does volunteering guarantee me a job at the hospital, if I decide to apply for a paid position?
No, we cannot guarantee that volunteers will obtain paid positions at Women & Infants. However, volunteering does provide an opportunity to develop internal references, access to the internal job postings and exposure to the culture and standards required of all people who work in the hospital. Employees are selected for jobs based upon their experience, skills, references and credentials. Volunteering is a good way to take a step towards future employment, but it does not guarantee that end.

I cannot really commit to regular volunteer work, right now. Is there any way I can still volunteer?
Due to the resources required to join the Volunteer Program, we need a minimum commitment of one 3-4 hour block of time per week for at least 4 months.

Why does it require so much work just to come to the hospital and help out 1-2 times per week?
As a health care provider committed to providing excellent medical and related services to our patients, Women & Infants follows all the laws, regulations and requirements imposed by state and federal law, OSHA, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and other regulatory bodies. We follow these practices for the safety and well being of patients, visitors, employees and volunteers of Women & Infants.

Do I have to pay for any of the tests required in the health screening?
Any and all of the tests we require are provided through the Employee Health Office for our adult volunteers.

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Woman And Infants
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