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Adult Volunteers

Women & Infants' adult volunteer program is comprised of women and men who see the health care environment as a place where they can make a difference. Overall, our volunteers provide customer service either in an office setting or with patients and guests.

We are currently recruiting for late summer/ fall volunteer priorities.  These priorities are based on the needs of our patients, staff and visitors.  Our 4 month minimum commitment would require participation at least through December for candidates starting around September 1st.   

If you are considering a volunteer position at Women & Infants, please review our program requirements via this, link here.  More information about the application process follows, below as well.

Our present recruitment focus includes:

Unit Volunteers: Our patient care unit- based volunteers serve the non-clinical needs of our patients and staff on our nursing units. They enhance the patient experience by assisting clinical staff, responding to non- medical requests and providing transport services within the hospital and at discharge.

Shifts are:
Ambulatory Surgery Unit from 11-2 or 2-5pm
Mom Baby Units from 10am-2pm
Medical Surgical Unit between 11am-5pm
Emergency/Triage Unit from 3-6pm or 6-9pm

Individuals must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills to volunteer on our care patient units. A successful volunteer must be able to work as an independent member of an interdisciplinary team. It is an active position, so our Unit Volunteers are on their feet for much of their 3 or 4 hour shifts.

Training in patient transport is required in advance of starting in this role.  
           Transport Training will be held July 20th at 3pm.  
           Two August dates will  be scheduled, as well.

Ambassadors:  Our volunteer ambassadors serve to support a positive hospital experience for patients, their families and visitors in a number of areas.  Key positions are in our hospital lobby and in our Infusion Center.

Morning, mid-day and late afternoon shifts are available, depending upon location, for volunteers with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. A successful volunteer must be able to work as an independent member of an interdisciplinary team.

           Ambassador Training
is scheduled for July 30th 10am-12pm

The Application Process
If you are interested in and available for serving in one of these positions, please submit your Volunteer Application.

After reviewing your application, a member of Volunteer Services will contact you within 5-10 business days.  You will either be invited to our upcoming Group Interview Session or receive notification that we will be holding your application, pending a position better suited to your interests, skill base and/or availability.

Upcoming Group Interview Dates are:
     Tuesday, July 14th at 11am-12:30pm or
     Wednesday, July 22nd at 9:30-11am

Please check your calendar for availability for the interview and training date.  You will receive a packet of information with your confirmation that contains detailed instructions.  With that material is additional paperwork that you must complete in advance and bring to the session.

We receive more applications than available volunteer position openings. If your application does not indicate a fit for our current needs, it will remain active for the next 3 months.  We will notify you if we identify a different opportunity that might suit your goals, interests and skills

.If a regular, ongoing commitment is more than you can do right now, there are other resources available to help you find a suitable volunteer position. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity prior to our fall/winter timeframe, Volunteer Match, www.volunteermatch.org is a great resource for all kinds of information about volunteering and is helpful no matter what kind of organizational involvement you are considering.

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