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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Whirlpool & Walking Corridor - Virtual Tour

There is a rocking chair in every labor room for mother to use to ease her labor. To help with your comfort during labor, we also offer aroma therapy and warm packs. Every labor room has cable TV and a CD/tape player - bring your favorite music for relaxing. Mom may have ice chips, popsicles, broth, and jello while in labor depending on her condition, but no solid foods.

There is also a phone in the labor room for you to call loved ones to inform them of the new baby. Calls to cities such as Woonsocket, Pascoag, Hope Valley and North Kingstown are long distance so we suggest that families bring a cell phone.

Virtual Tour

Two whirlpools are available as a comfort tool during labor. The warmth and pressure of the water distract you from the contractions. The whirlpool may delay the need for medication or lessen the amount of medication used in labor. We will monitor the baby's heartrate and your temperature while you are in the whirlpool. If someone is waiting to use the whirlpool, we would limit you to 45 minutes. Most commonly asked questions:

  • "Do I bring my bathing suit?"
         No, we will provide you with a hospital johnny to wear in the whirlpool.
  • "Can my partner be in the whirlpool with me?"
        Your partner will be by your side, but not in the whirlpool with you.
  • "Is the whirlpool cleaned after each use?"
    Yes, it takes 45 minutes to clean the whirlpool between each use.

Birthing balls are another relaxation tool to use during labor. You may ask or your nurse may suggest either of these tools during labor. There is a "walking corridor" (pictured above left) on the Labor & Delivery unit. Mothers can walk up and down this private corridor as they work through the contractions.

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