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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Triage Care - Virtual Tour

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While in Triage, you will be examined to see if you are in labor. A nurse will check your heart rate, breathing, temperature and blood pressure. A monitor may be placed on your abdomen to check the baby's heart rate. Some blood may be drawn for testing. You will be asked several questions related to medical/ obstetrical history and maternal and fetal well-being.

After your initial assessment, you may be placed in a treatment room or asked to sit in the waiting area. If your condition changes in the waiting area, please notify the triage nurse immediately.

Patient Registration:

The registration process will take place at your bedside in the treatment room or while you wait to be seen. Admitting staff will ask you for your information and will also ask for the name of your baby's pediatrician and how you plan to feed your baby (breastfeeding or bottle feeding).


Once you are in a treatment room our team of experts will evaluate your labor progression and consult with your obstetrician. Together with you and your family, the team will make a decision regarding your plan of care. If you are admitted to the hospital you will be transported to Labor and Delivery.

More information about the Triage Unit.

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