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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Postpartum Room - Virtual Tour

Bonding with Baby, Rooming-In, Vistors & Quiet Hours

An hour after a vaginal birth, or two hours after a Cesarean birth, you, your baby and your partner will move to a private room on the Mother/Baby units, which feature 24 hour family centered care coordinated by our health care providers and nursing staff to meet your specific needs. 

Iprivate room virtual tourt's important to keep you and your baby together as soon and as much as possible.  At Women & Infants, all moms and babies remain together, rooming-in, throughout the postpartum stay.  Our goal is that healthy mothers and babies will stay together in the same room, day and night, unless there are justifiable reasons for a longer separation.  A typical stay is two days for a vaginal birth and four days for a Cesarean birth.

Controls are at your fingertips on the bed to call the nurse, control the TV, lights, bed and telephone.  The chair in your room converts into a bed for your partner or significant other to spend the night. We suggest he or she bring a pillow, blanket and sleeping clothes. Your room features a private bathroom with a shared shower for mothers only.  Showers are available in other areas of the hospital for your partner or significant other. Cable television, telephone and the Newborn Channel are available 24 hours/day at no charge.

You will receive a daily menu to choose each of your meals. For an additional fee, you may order an extra meal for a partner or a child. Ask about our special Stork Club dinner. There is a kitchenette area with juices and crackers for snacks. Some restaurants may deliver food to the postpartum floors, but be sure to ask when you place your order.  Click here for other dining options.

With your written permission, photos will be taken of your baby by Our 365 Newborn photography who provides our web nursery. You can complete a form at your health care provider's office during one of your prenatal visits. You will be given a portrait ID number which allows family and friends to view only your new baby through our secure website. Women & Infants' Auxiliary coordinates all of these services. A hospital service representative will be available to answer your questions concerning these features.

Visiting hours are 24 hours/day for your partner/significant other with a baby (identification) bracelet. For friends and family, 14 years of age or older, visiting hours are 12 pm to 8 pm daily. Only siblings of the baby may visit by obtaining a sibling sticker at the security desk in the main lobby.

Women & Infants has a latex-safe policy. This policy prohibits latex balloons from being brought into the hospital. Mylar balloons are a safe alternative available at most florist shops and in the Women & Infants' gift shop.

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