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Woman And Infants

Labor/Delivery/Recovery - Virtual Tour

Labor and Delivery

Gentle Cesarean Sections

High Risk Pregnancy

virtual tourOur labor, delivery, and recovery (LDR) rooms allow you to birth your baby and recover in one room. Your bed has 22 different positions for your comfort. A birthing bar is optional so you may squat during your baby's birth.

You may have continuous or intermittent fetal monitoring in this area depending on your health care provider. Your baby will still be monitored if you choose to walk in the private walking corridor during labor. Traditionally one LDR nurse cares for each mother.

There is a bathroom for you in the room, and a bathroom at the beginning of the unit for coaches and partners. Your bathroom is shared with another laboring mother in the next room.

If you have a Cesarean birth and would like to have a Gentle Cesarean Section, please speak with your obstetrician or midwife.  You will be in one of three Cesarean birth rooms (operating rooms) to prepare for birth. After you are settled, your partner can be in the room for the birth. After the birth, you, your baby and your partner will recover for a couple of hours before being brought to the postpartum unit. If you plan to breastfeed your baby, the recovery room nurse will help you to breastfeed.

In accordance with our HIPAA policies no information will be given out as to your condition when someone calls the hospital operator or stops at the hospital's reception desk. Reception desk personnel can call up to the LDR unit to request a coach to come down to the lobby to talk to waiting family and friends.

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