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Woman And Infants

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Women & Infants truly is where families begin, and our Mother/Baby units feature 24-hour family centered care coordinated by your health care providers and nursing staff to meet your specific needs.

It's important to keep you and your baby together as soon and as much as possible.  At Women & Infants Hospital, all moms and babies remain together, rooming-in, throughout the postpartum stay. Our goal is that healthy mothers and babies will stay together in the same room, day and night, unless there are justifiable reasons for a longer separation.

We encourage you to refrain from taking visitors during the first hour on the Mother/Baby unit so that you have time to settle in with your baby. We also encourage your significant other to stay with you and your baby as much as possible to help out.

Rooming-in is supported by the World Health Organization and offers incredible benefits for mom and baby.  It’s a healthy choice for families because it lets you care for your new baby right away. Rooming-in will help you learn to care for all your baby's needs while staff is around to help if you need it. This will help you feel more comfortable taking care of your baby once you go home.

Your baby may need to go to the nursery for a short period of time to have a circumcision (boys only), to be examined by your pediatrician with special equipment in the nursery, to let you be cared for if you are not feeling well, or to allow staff to watch you or the baby more closely.

Any time your baby is brought from the nursery to your room, the nurse will match your ID bracelet to your baby’s bracelet.  This is for your family’s safety, and it is a standard security procedure at any hospital where babies are born.

You might think you will get less sleep if your baby is with you all the time. However, studies actually show that mothers get more sleep with their baby in the room. When you are sleeping, we ask that you put the baby in the pram next to your bed to be safe. Please talk to your baby's doctor about sleeping with the baby in your bed if you plan to do this at home.

All babies will have a hearing test while at Women & Infants Hospital. The test is non-invasive, sending sound waves into the baby's ear through an earpiece. Your pediatrician may share the results of the hearing test with you at a pediatric visit. You can also obtain results by contacting the Hearing Assessment Department directly at 401-277-3700.

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