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 Brendan was born at 24.5 weeks and weighing only 655 grams (23 ounces). He suffered two IVHs, and we were told by his doctors that he probably would not live. Thankfully, they were wrong!

Brendan is an amazing, intelligent, happy and easy-going kid who has hydrocephalus, seizure disorder, a shunt, and bilateral spastic diplegia. He just finished the first grade at Narragansett Elementary School. Brendan reads at a second-grade level, loves math, is an excellent artist, and loves to be with his friends at school. His two closest friends are Gian and Connor. Brendan also likes the girls (a lot), but won’t admit to it anymore!

Brendan takes swim lessons during the school year at University of Rhode Island in the Adaptive Aquatics Program. He loves to practice his golf swing (check him out on http://www.firstswingri.org/), and this year someone gave him a croquet set for his birthday. Brendan can hit the ball farther than mom can hit! Brendan played T-ball for two seasons. Although running is a bit challenging, he still runs all of the bases and doesn’t stop until he reaches home plate. During the summer, Brendan spends most sunny days at Narragansett Beach with his family. His favorite pastime is to boogyboard on top of his dad’s back. Brendan also makes sand contraptions with his friends at the beach and walks up to the concession stand with his sister, Catherine, to get a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, then walks back to the water to rinse off! Last week Brendan went to a bowling birthday party and had the high score for his team. Nothing stops our incredible Brendan. Speaking of incredible, his favorite superhero is the Incredible Spider Man – he owns everything Spidey.

We are so appreciative for all of the wonderful doctors (Dr. Rubin!!!) and nurses (Pat Greene & Sue McKinnon – you are the best!) and for all of those whose names we can’t remember after all of these years. We put Brendan in God’s hands, and God put Brendan at Women & Infants’ NICU – what a blessing.

Submitted by Susan Tierney

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