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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Obstetric and Consultative Medicine - SCIPP

Obstetric Medicine Consults

We provide consultations for patients with medical problems who are referred by obstetricians, gynecologists or other medical specialists. We also offer preconception counseling for patients with medical problems who would like to discuss how to manage their condition prior to becoming pregnant and address concerns they may have about their condition during pregnancy.

Specialty Care in Pregnancy Program (SCIPP)

The SCIPP program has two components. The first component is a weekly conference which brings a multidisciplinary team together to discuss patients. This team recommends a plan of care for the patient's pregnancy, delivery and post partum period.

The second component offers patients a scheduled visit with members of the SCIPP team including a specialist with expertise in treating the woman's medical problem as well as obstetric medicine physicians and a registered nurse. At these visits we examine the patient, arrange for additional testing and follow-up as needed, and share the plan of care with the patient.

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