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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Inpatient food & nutrition services

The Food and Nutrition Services staff welcomes you and looks forward to serving you during your hospital stay. It is our primary goal to serve you nutritious foods that we hope will exceed your expectations.

Each day our patients receive a restaurant-style menu. Our menu allows patients to choose meals in accordance with personal eating habits or restrictions, and features a wide variety of appetizers, hot and cold entrees, vegetables, deserts, and daily specials. Our menu is also coded to easily help our patients make healthier choices of foods low in fats, cholesterol and sodium.

Our daily menu features the seven guidelines for healthy eating:

  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Maintain ideal body weight
  • Avoid too much fat, saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Eat foods with adequate starch and fiber
  • Avoid too much sugar
  • Avoid too much sodium
  • Drink adequate fluids

A Food & Nutrition Services representative visits with patients daily to explain their special diets and to allow time for patients to express any concerns or preferences that involve meals and service.

A registered dietitian is also available for extensive nutrition intervention and education.

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Woman And Infants
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