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Woman And Infants

Pediatric Audiology Services

Department of Audiology

 Pediatric Audiology Program

The Women & Infants Department of Audiology offers a specialized program for our youngest patients. We work closely with the Newborn Nurseries and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the hospital to provide appropriate testing for infants during their stay. Infants who do not pass their initial hearing screening or who are at risk for later-onset hearing loss may receive specialized testing in our outpatient clinic. We also work closely with community pediatricians and other physicians, as well as Early Intervention, to provide audiological testing for infants and children. Our department offers Educational Audiology services and works with several local school districts to assure that proper management strategies are being provided for students with hearing loss.

About the Pediatric Audiology Program

Since 1993, Women & Infants has provided hearing screenings for over 200,000 newborns with two to three children per 1,000 identified as having some degree of permanent hearing loss each year. Other children develop hearing loss as toddlers or during their school years, or may be at risk of developing hearing loss. These children need specialized testing, monitoring, and management that can only be provided by audiologists experienced in working with young patients.

The Pediatric Audiology Program at Women & Infants focuses on the special needs of children and their families. Our experienced, highly-trained audiologists and support team provide quality, state-of-the-art clinical care in a setting that is friendly and supportive.

About Our Services

Hearing Testing - Newborns and Infants

Hearing Testing - Toddlers and Older Children

-more information on pediatric hearing testing

Auditory Brainstem Response

Central Auditory Processing Evaluation

Complete Educational Audiology Services

Comprehensive Hearing Aid Services

Earmolds, Swim Plugs, Noise Protection Plugs

About Hearing Loss

There are several types of hearing loss.

Cochlear Hearing Loss is usually permanent and results from damage to the nerve endings in the inner ear. This can be caused by viral infection, certain medications, repeated exposure to loud noise, hereditary factors, and other factors. This type of hearing loss is often treatable with hearing aids.

Neural Hearing Loss is usually permanent but sometimes will improve or fluctuate over time. This type of loss is related to damage to the hearing nerve which can be caused by complications during the newborn phase or abnormal development of the nerve itself. This type of loss can be tricky to manage; in some cases hearing aids may be helpful.

Conductive Hearing Loss is usually temporary and in children is typically related to fluid in the middle ear space. This type of hearing loss can often be corrected with medical or surgical intervention and sometimes will resolve on its own. If it is determined to be permanent it is usually treatable with hearing aids or other technology.

Mixed Hearing Loss occurs when an individual has both a cochlear/neural hearing loss (permanent) and a conductive hearing loss (usually temporary). 

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