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MFM Fellowship Details

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Fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine

Women & Infants Hospital is a tertiary care center serving southeast New England. There are 9,000+ deliveries per year. The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine manages an average of 750 antenatal admissions, provides 500+ consults (inpatient and outpatient) for regional practitioners per year, and performs over 13,000 imaging studies annually. The Prenatal Diagnosis Center supports genetic counseling and outpatient antenatal diagnostic services. Over 6,000 patients receive care annually at this center. Services include genetic counseling, level II ultrasounds, fetal well-being testing, fetal echocardiography, amniocentesis, fetal surgery, PUBS and CVS.

Fellows devote 15 months of their fellowship learning the clinical skills required of a MFM sub-specialist. Their training is guided by the MFM faculty. This experience provides our fellows an opportunity to become technically skilled, superbly trained sub-specialists and consultants. This clinical exposure is balanced by an intellectual atmosphere consisting of a formal MFM didactic series, together with regular perinatal, genetics and pathology conferences, as well as coursework opportunities.

The research resources available to the fellow are similarly impressive, and fellows devote 21 of their 36 months with us to developing an expertise in clinical and/or basic investigation. The research infrastructure at Women & Infants is supported by three Federal Grants, a COBRE award in Reproductive Biology, WRHR (Women’s Reproductive Health Research) and a BIRWCH in Women’s Health. All three grants provide support for development of junior faculty as well as for basic infrastructure. Our affiliation with Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital provides additional research support and possibilities for interdisciplinary research. The MFM division participates in the Maternal Fetal Medicine Units Network and the Stillbirth Collaborative Research Network (SCRN) sponsored by the NICHD. The research interests of our faculty include exercise physiology, diabetic fetopathy, epidemiology and treatment of GDM, health management, fetal/neonatal endocrinology, IUGR, hemodynamics of hypertension and cervical physiology. Research interests outside the expertise of the Division are also fostered, with the collaborative efforts of Anesthesiology, Pediatrics and Pathology producing an outstanding opportunity.

Fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine - MFM Fellowship Application

Program Director: Brenna L. Hughes, MD
Email: bhughes@wihri.org
Address: Maternal Fetal Medicine
Women & Infants Hospital/Brown University
101 Dudley Street
Providence, RI 02905
Telephone: 401-274-1100, extension 47457
Fax: 401-453-7622
Prerequisites: ABOG eligibility and state medical license
Salary: PGY 5-7 scale plus stipend for conferences, memberships, and educational materials
Program Contents: Research/didactic - 21 months; clinical MFM - 15 months
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