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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds

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April 2014
3 Anesthesia Update

 "Airway Management"- Dr. Gamble
"Anti-Coagulants"- Dr. Griffith
"Buprenorphine/Naloxone"- Dr. Winter


OB/GYN All Faculty Meeting


M&M Conference

 Elizabeth Mayhall, MD


"From Diagnosis to Drugs and Drains: Management of Pelvic Infections and Abscesses"Drs. Kristen  Matteson, Brenna Anderson, and Erica Hardy

May 2014


   "Update on the New Hypertension in Pregnancy Guidelines"

"Pelvic Floor Assessment with Transperineal Ultrasound and What I Learned Down Under"Anna Pilzek, MD


OB/GYN M&M Conference

Amanda Tower, MD


OB/GYN All Faculty Meeting

 Maureen Phipps, MD


Annual Saphier Family Lecture

 Thomas Herzog, MD

Effective immediately, all Grand Rounds (and staff meetings held on alternate Thursdays bi-monthly) will be held in the South Pavilion auditoriums.

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Woman And Infants
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