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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

DNA Probe Test for Pathogens Linked to Vaginitis

Women & Infants' Laboratory offers a DNA-probe test that identifies the most common pathogens associated with vaginitis. In less than two hours, from a single vaginal swab, the Affirm VPIII test can detect the presence of

  • Candida species
  • Gardnerella vaginalis (BV indicator)
  • Trichomonas vaginalis
Advantages for clinicians Advantages for patient care
One swab can give three results in as little as one hour. Decrease risk of pre-term delivery, delivery of low birth weight baby or future PID by rapid and accurate detection of common causes of vaginitis – Trichomonas and BV
Sensitivity of the test is superior to culture or wet mount. Only clinically significant concentrations of Gardnerella are detected. Decrease risk of pre-term delivery, delivery of low birth weight baby or future PID by rapid and accurate detection of common causes of vaginitis – Trichomonas and BV
The clinician is not dependent on the quality of the wet mount for an accurate Trichomonas result, since Trich. can deteriorate rapidly in saline. Proper diagnosis of vaginitis can be difficult since up to 50% of women with BV are asymptomatic. Other current tests have a much longer time to result and much lower sensitivity than the Affirm VPIII test.
Significant levels of Candida species can be detected rapidly in women with recurrent, resistant candidiasis.

Decrease post-surgical infections for women infected by Trichomonas and/or BV by performing Affirm testing on symptomatic patients prior to gynecological surgery. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Committee recommends that clinicians may want to screen all pregnant women who are at high risk for pre-term delivery or delivery of a low birth weight baby.

Affirm VPIII provides up to 60% greater sensitivity than wet mount and is unaffected by interfering substances, such as blood, vaginal lubricants, douching and mixed infections.

Insurance coverage and CPT codes

  • Most, if not all insurance providers in our area will reimburse the three separate tests which make up the Affirm VPIII test.
  • The CPT codes for each test are as follows:
  • Candida = 87840
  • Gardnerella = 87510
  • Trichomonas = 87660

For diagnosis coding information, call Jeff Bush (B-D representative) at 1-303-655-9560.

Physician Relations and Services at Women & Infants' Hospital coordinates distribution of the appropriate collection swabs for the Affirm testing. The swab kit, called "Collection-Eze" contains a plastic-shaft, cotton-tipped swab and a tube with a yellow cap. Call 401-277-3710 to reach the Physician Relations and Services Department.

The tube contains Amies transport media. The swab can be broken off into the tube and the tube should be transported to the lab ASAP. The specimen is good in this media for up to 72 hours if it is refrigerated.

Swabs can be reordered through Peter Zarriello. Write 'Affirm Test Swabs' on the lab supply order form and fax to Peter at 401-453-7901. The request for the Affirm test must be written in on a Microbiology requisition form until new forms are printed.

Call Pat Lauro, manager, in our Microbiology Department with any questions at 401-274-1122, ext. 1192, or contact Dr. John Kasznica, Director of Microbiology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Women & Infants Hospital, 101 Dudley St., Providence, RI 02905.

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