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Woman And Infants
Woman And Infants

A Typical Treatment Day

The average length of stay for a patient at the Day Hospital is approximately seven days.

A typical treatment day at the Day Hospital is separated into structured time blocks:

  • Patients arrive, check in with the staff, settle infants in the nursery with the Nursery Program Assistant
  • A morning psychotherapy group that consists of a review of each patient’s progress on the previous day’s goals and an in-depth discussion of role transitions and interpersonal issues
  • Individual psychotherapy and medication management appointments
  • Group relaxation training and/or infant massage
  • An afternoon psychotherapy group

Patient survey results include:

The program was helpful. 97%
The staff respected my wishes and needs. 99%
I was comfortable with contact made with my family. 90%
I am happy with the care given to my infant. 99%
I am currently using skills learned in the Day Hospital. 96%
I would recommend the Day Hospital to others. 99%
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