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The Center's Research component takes advantage of the existing strengths of the Center's faculty, Women & Infants' Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Division of Research, the close existing relationships with Brown University Centers and Departments, the National Perinatal Information Center, the University of Rhode Island, and other key partners. Search the Brown University website for research topics you are interested in.

The Center employs a coordinated approach to women's health research, leading to cutting edge gender-specific research driven by the following objectives:

  • to enhance clinical care by translating findings of women's health research into practice;
  • to increase women's enrollment, particularly among minority groups, in research studies to understand differences among diverse populations;
  • to increase interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration;
  • to provide enhanced training to promote participation as leaders in women's health research.

Existing programs such as the federally-funded Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH) demonstrate Women & Infants' and Brown University's commitment to collaboratively advancing women's health research. The BIRCWH initiative is designed to promote the career development of women's health researchers into independent investigators through didactic seminars, mentorship and performance of interdisciplinary research.

In addition to the BIRCWH initiative, the Center of Excellence network of partners have multiple active grants, and are currently spearheading research and training opportunities focusing on diverse areas including HIV/AIDS, cancer screening, women's oncology, diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular disease, health disparities in vulnerable populations, healthcare for women in prison, and behavioral change/health promotion.

For more information, please contact 401-274-1122, extension 2833, or email us.

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