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National Center of Excellence in Women's Health - Community Education

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Community outreach plays a pivotal role in the health education/promotion efforts of the Center of Excellence in Women's Health, with emphasis placed on decreasing barriers to care for vulnerable women, including lack of transportation, language barriers, low educational levels, differing cultural beliefs, and inadequate health coverage.

Networking with agencies throughout the state, Community Outreach professionals provide a variety of ongoing health education programs to help women make informed decisions about their health. Community Outreach efforts include:

  • The Family Van is a state-of-the-art mobile "clinic" providing comprehensive and culturally appropriate education, prevention, screening, and health outreach services in collaboration with existing neighborhood health service agencies, community-based organizations, and Brown Medical School to increase access to health care and to promote healthy lifestyles among those most disconnected from mainstream care.
  • The Warm Line, Health Line and Hispanic Resource Line provide separate, toll-free numbers where callers receive one-on-one assistance from specially trained providers who answer general health questions, make referrals and provide information to new mothers regarding their post-partum health and that of their baby.
  • Centers for Health Education are community-based satellite resource centers in strategic locations across the state (and in Massachusetts) offering free lending libraries, computerized databases, and a broad spectrum of support groups, health lectures, parenting education, and exercise and fitness programs.
  • The Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program provides information to low-income and minority women on the importance of early cancer screenings. Bilingual providers work in partnerships statewide to reach women in need and provide opportunities for free screenings.
  • Healthy Regards is a quarterly newsletter distributed statewide to approximately 100,000 households, covering topics aimed at improving the health status of women and their families through education, awareness and prevention.
  • Adolescent Education is provided to students in middle and high schools throughout the state. Programs include education on health career opportunities, internships at area hospitals, and teaching a gender-specific health education program.
  • The Women's Health Resource Center (WHRC) offers women free access to a vast, multilingual video and print library of current information on women's health, including computerized research capability and internet access to the leading sites on women's health. Located adjacent to the Clinical Care Center in a comfortable, private setting, the WHRC posts a comprehensive listing of current community-based events on women's health.

For more information, please contact Health Education at 401-274-1122, ext. 7040, the Women's Health Resource Center (WHRC) at 401-274-1122, ext. 2855, or email us.

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