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Physical Therapy Services

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As a woman in today’s world, you enjoy a life of many choices. The choices we make will determine the way we use our body through the decades. A physical therapist will be there for you as you progress through all stages of your life.

– American Physical Therapy Association

Women & Infants Hospital offers a comprehensive array of Women’s Health Physical Therapy Services to help women of all ages with a variety of conditions to enhance their quality of life and promote overall wellness.

Inpatient services are provided in conjunction with the high-risk obstetrical service, postpartum services, and the Program in Women’s Oncology. Outpatient services are currently offered through the Division of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery.

Helping Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Many pregnant women have muscle discomfort and pain in their hips, upper and lower back, and arms. This can be caused by hormonal and postural changes. High-risk obstetrical patients frequently experience pain brought on by prolonged bed rest. An individual program of exercise is designed to take into account any activity restrictions.

The goals of physical therapy for pregnant and postpartum women are to help improve function, reduce pain, and assist with safe discharge planning.

Services include:
• manual therapy • strengthening exercises • therapeutic massage • education about posture/body mechanics • maternity supports

For women who have had cesarean surgery, our interventions may include how to move in and out of bed with proper body mechanics, gentle exercise to regain functional mobility, and scar management.

Rhode Island Network for Pelvic Floor Disorders at W&I

This network has been created to provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and therapy for women with pelvic floor disorders. The Network provides a comprehensive service that includes both clinical care and organizational oversight.

Offering Relief for Women with Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction

Pelvicmuscle weakness, coordination difficulties, or high muscle tension can cause bowel and bladder problems, pelvic pain, and pain during intercourse. These concerns may be related to poor posture, constipation, surgical scarring, previous childbirth, or postmenopausal changes. Physical therapy treatment can help.

Services include:
• manual therapy • therapeutic exercise • breathing and relaxation training • biofeedback • electrical stimulation to re-educate the pelvic muscles

Reducing Pain and Discomfort After Surgery

Many women experience pain and dysfunction following hysterectomy, mastectomy, breast surgery, pelvic floor muscle, oncology and bladder surgery. Under the guidance of a physical therapist, gentle exercises at the bedside can help women regain mobility. Further treatments are available in the home or outpatient setting.

Seeing a woman before surgery can help her after surgery. Learning the proper techniques before surgery promotes active patient participation, lessens anxiety, and helps women begin their recovery.

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