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Woman And Infants

Infant Behavior, Cry and Sleep Clinic

Organization Women & Infants
Location 50 Holden Street

First floor

Providence, RI 02908

Hours 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Contact Information For more information please call 401-453-7690
fax: 401-453-7697
Infant Behavior, Cry and Sleep Clinic (IBCSC) is a clinical service developed to diagnose and treat infants with crying, sleeping, feeding and associated early behavior problems by helping parents understand and manage their infant and to adjust to the disruption caused by having an infant who has behavioral problems in the first few months of life. Why Is My Baby Crying Book Cover
Our goal is to deal with possible disruptions in the parent-infant relationship and to prevent future behavioral disorders. In the IBCSC, behavioral pediatricians, clinical and developmental psychologists, and a clinical social worker collaborate to develop treatment plans for families whose infants are having early behavioral difficulties. Occupational therapy, psychiatry and nursing consultants are also available.

Our colic clinic is a one-of-a-kind clinical service for families and infants with excessive crying, colic, sleep, feeding and behavioral concerns. The clinic can help families adjust to the disruption caused by having an infant that is difficult to manage within the first few months and/or years of life. It is covered by most insurances after pre-authorization.
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