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Woman And Infants
Women's Choice Award 2015
Woman And Infants

Family Van

Organization Women & Infants
Location 908 Eddy Street

Providence, RI 02905
Hours 9 am- 4 pm, Monday-Friday; occasional weekends and evenings
Contact Information Mary Falvey, RN, at 401-277-3629 or e-mail: mfalvey@wihri.org
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Our Mission
The Family Van is a culturally sensitive, comprehensive health outreach program, designed to address health disparities in our communities.

We fulfill this mission by providing a comprehensive approach to health. Each client is provided with a health risk assessment focusing on high risk and lifestyle behaviors. This information is then used to offer suggestions for a healthier life and to assist the client in accessing care within their community. As regularly visits a variety of neighborhoods, our clients are encouraged to check in with the staff throughout the year providing health care to our most vulnerable neighbors.

Appropriate screenings are offered and tailored to the needs of specific audiences. Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, pregnancy and body mass index are all available screenings for our clients.

Health education and information
Lifestyle and environmental factors are reviewed with clients with regard to the impact they have on health. Individualized education can then be provided as well as referrals to healthcare facilities in the community.

Medication lists can be reviewed and teaching provided on specific medications.

Access to Care
Each client is asked about their insurance coverage, where they go for care and if they are satisfied. The staff is then able to discuss insurance options and assist those who are uninsured to access services in their communities. Assistance is available to obtain and complete applications to these facilities. Local providers and facilities are then notified of the referral in order to streamline the process and make it easier for the client to access care.

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